Learn How to Get Jibjab Coupons to Get Discount for Membership and e-Cards

Jibjab has more than 1000 videos and e-cards for every occasion. E-cards and videos can be fully personalized to suit your need. Sending an e-card starring yourself is the quickest way to show your special someone that you care about them. Don’t forget to learn how to get Jibjab coupons to sweeten the deals.


 How to get Jibjab Coupons


Join Jibbab to get great discount


Jibjab offers Free Membership and Paid Membership. If you sign up for a Free Membership, you will get limited access to Jibjab content, which is only a small collection of free e-cards and video; and limited access to customization and sending. To download a video, a free member must pay $4.99 each time, but if you know how to get Jibjab coupons, you can get deals and discount. Free e-cards are available in different category on different time of the year; you can get more info on Jibjab.com. No matter what you wish to have in your shopping bag, please don't forget to take avail of coupons such as: Jibjab promo code 30 day free


How to get Jibjab coupon codes 

Jibjab e-cards for every occasion


A Premium membership provides you unlimited access to all Jibjab videos and e-cards. Premium members only pay $1.99 each time for downloading any content from Jibjab.com. They have full control over customization and e-cards sending. The fee for premium membership is $18 per year, discover how to get Jibjab coupons and you can spend less while still enjoying the full perks of being a premium member. You can visit Jibjab website for more information about payment.